23 Signs Your Life is an Audrey Hepburn Movie

Ladies rejoice! We're basically all Holly/Sabrina/Princess Ann.


1. You're not exactly a morning person.

Whoever says they are is lying. 

2. And you're infinitely sorry for anybody who has tried to wake you up. it's not happening.

If the cat couldn't do it, neither can you buddy.

3. But when you do get up, you wish it had been earlier.

Because not all of us can look cute with toothpaste on our faces.

4. You're always running late.


5. Before you go out, you have such grandiose plans for the day.

The park! No wait! A museum! How about both and icecream?

6. But you have work/school/life obligations.

It happens to the best of us, Audrey.

7. Which means a week of people telling you what to do.

SHHH. I can be a prima ballerina if I want to.

8. Putting on fake smiles.

Yes. I would love to give an oral report on some white man who lived three centuries ago.

9. And the frequent, but oh so necessary, freakout. 


10. Not to mention getting hit on by random old men.

Excuse me. Just because I look single, does not mean I am.

11. When it's finally the weekend you're too tired to go out.

Trying to set the world record for longest yawn. #kthnxbai

12. But you have to. Because food.

Someone has been relying on Seamless a bit too much.

13. And you look too cute not to. ;)

At least better than Monday morning, am I right?

13. So you have all these great expectations.

14. Maybe you'll see a cute boy.

Maybe he'll even talk to you.

15. or go shopping.

16. Just don't wear those new shoes. and it will all be fine.

Just because they're cute, does not mean they're comfortable. AHEM. Louboutins. 

17. You may worry that you don't always fit in.

And you're not even sure what that really means.

18. but, As soon as you stop worrying about what other people think,

You're better than them anyway.

19. And embrace yourself for who you are.


20. A stubborn

It's not rude if you're right. 

21. Goofball

10 points for Gryffindor!

22. who would do anything for someone you love.

giphy (7).gif

Points if that someone is an animal instead of a human.

23. And that's when you really shine.

**Gifs from Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sabrina, Roman Holiday and Charade

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