SHADES of Spring

With the weather starting to heat up in NYC, it's time to get serious about spring style. This season, spruce up your wardrobe with the latest "in" colors. Take a look below at what the fashion industry is loving through my eyes as a model.


Pantone's color of the year is taking the fashion world by storm. Its surprising versatility makes it the perfect accent color to any outfit. Better yet, It complements every skin tone and complexion. Mix it in with a new hand bag or dress; or, show off your fashion sense with rose quartz nails. 

Loving this color? Use it to accent your home. Pair it with light wood, white, marble or copper. Add rose quartz pillows to your couch. Paint an accent wall. Or, play it safe and get rose colored candles. 


Campaign for Moda Operandi

Campaign for Moda Operandi

Campaign for Steve Madden

Campaign for Steve Madden

Campaign for Moda Operandi

Campaign for Moda Operandi

Campaign for South Parade

Campaign for South Parade

Campaign for Steve Madden

Campaign for Steve Madden


Placid Blue

Move over Serenity! This season the fashion industry has opted for a more neutral (read androgynous) color: placid blue. Like rose quartz, it perfectly complements all complexions. Accent a simple outfit with a placid blue bag or shoes. Play it up by pairing it with a matching denim. Remember, it also looks amazing with white, rose quartz or silver.

Feeling especially brave? Dare yourself to try placid blue in your makeup routine this season. Get the look from my shoot with Danny Lim at Laura Mercier or Givenchy



Campaign for Steve Madden

Campaign for Steve Madden

Campaign for Moda Operandi

Campaign for Moda Operandi

Shoot with Danny Lim

Shoot with Danny Lim

Behind the scenes makeup on set

Behind the scenes makeup on set



Patina green may be the hardest color to work-in this season, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. This very unique color made up about a third of my wardrobe for fresh off the runway retailer Moda Operandi, which means it's about to hit the market big time. Keep an eye out for patina green at H&M and Forever 21 this Spring and next.

If you want to get a head start, pick up a patina green colored v-neck or tank. Or, accent a plain outfit with a patina green scarf or bracelet. Adapt the color to fit your personality and complexion.





Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is the perfect spring neutral. It's cool, casual and collected. This season, instead of a safe black, work iced coffee into your wardrobe. You probably have some items in this color lying around already! 

Pump it up with an iced coffee suede bag, dress, or a knit jacket. It's all about the texture to keep things interesting. To make iced coffee really pop, pair it with other neutrals such as white or cream, or go in the other direction and use it to accent rose quartz.


Backstage with Polo Ralph Lauren

Backstage with Polo Ralph Lauren

Glasses backstage at Gilt Studios

Glasses backstage at Gilt Studios

Campaign for Steve Madden

Campaign for Steve Madden



That's this season's color round up! I hope you enjoy the colors of Spring as much as I do, and feel inspired to incorporate them into your wardrobe.







On Point

My Embroidery Obsession

Hand embroidery may seem like an anachronism in our day and age, a chore belonging to housewives of the past. But that is because we are looking at it as a practicality, not an art.

Just as the painter uses a brush to apply paint to the canvas, the embroiderer uses a needle and thread to bring life to the fabric.

And the results are as diverse as they are breathtaking.

As one can see, embroidery styles range from the abstract and the unconventional, to the classical and the hyper-realistic; and, the materials are just as varied. Although the traditional medium for embroidery is thread, the types of thread and amount of strings you use from the thread determine the look of the stitch. Beyond that, stitchers can add any assortment of embellishments to the thread, such as pearls and beads. One can even "upgrade" to silk strands for an entirely different aesthetic.

The art of embroidery has evolved over the years, but it has not strayed from it's roots. Embroidery still demands the knowledge of few basic wishes. I'll teach you three of them, that you are likely to need in any project, below: The Backstitch, The Running Stitch, and The Satin Stitch.

1. Back Stitch:

The easiest way to learn any stitch is by doing. The backstitch is no exception.  As you can see from this diagram that I drew, the thread loops behind and underneath the fabric:

In actual practice, it will look a little something like the top stitch on the right, depending on how many strings you use and their corresponding thickness.

The three stitches on my hoop.

The three stitches on my hoop.

2. Running Stitch:

Believe it or not, the running stitch is even simpler than the backstitch. The embroiderer quite literally "runs" the thread through the fabric, like so:

This creates a "dotted line", that is often used to outline a project. 

3. Satin Stitch:

The satin stitch is the main filler stitch. It's used in almost every embroidery project to "color in between the lines". I only filled in half of the triangle in the sample above, to show how it works. If I had kept going, I would have a completely black triangle.

This link perfectly explains how to effectively use satin stitch. I strongly suggest "coloring" your projects using the satin stitch before moving to more complicated fillers, like the french knot. 


Ready to get started? I highly recommend getting one of these fairly simple kits (or another that you have sourced) before getting into any original pieces. This will not only teach you the basics, but will also supply the materials necessary for the project. (These particular kits cost $12-$20. Remember hoops are included. Once you get the hang of things, you can buy patterns for approximately $5, or create your own designs!)

(**Please also note: the hedgehog "stuffed animal" does not come with a hoop and is slightly more complicated than the others. I recommend it as a second project.)

Fancy yourself crafty and want to go for it on your own? You'll need a hoop ($5), thread ($15), needles ($5), and fabric ($7). The cost is more than a kit, and a kit also comes with instructions and pattern on fabric! That's the downside. However,the upside is that you'll have enough materials to create a multitude of projects.

What do you think of embroidery? Fad? Or classic practice here to stay? Do you plan on giving it a shot?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy Stitching xx


Tools and Tricks of the Trade


With NYFW officially wrapped, it's time to take a deep breath,  put on a face mask, and get back to my blog.

After a week of nonstop makeup at shows, I felt the need to do a roundup of the top backstage secrets in the industry.


Bioderma is the absolute, without a doubt, number one make up remover used by makeup artists and models alike. As a model, I go through multiple make up looks per day(as many as 7 on some beauty shoots). Clearly, a good makeup remover is essential. Bioderma gets the job done effortlessly without irritating my skin or getting into my eyes. In fact, after fashion week, even water feels harsh on my eyelids; magically Bioderma does not. I'd go so far as to say that it actually refreshes and rejuvenates my skin, which makes sense as it boasts cucumber extract and a neutral pH.

This past Friday, I had a shoot that involved a  blue eyeshadow look before a "fresh face" look. The make up artist used Bioderma to remove the strong blue to seamlessly transition to the next look. 

My makeup artist this past Friday,  Toru Sakanishi , transitioned from a heavy blue eyeshadow look to a mascara only look in a matter of minutes.

My makeup artist this past Friday, Toru Sakanishi, transitioned from a heavy blue eyeshadow look to a mascara only look in a matter of minutes.

A photo of the next look, as taken by  Danny LIm .

A photo of the next look, as taken by Danny LIm.

As a model, I never know if the make up artist is going to have time to remove my makeup before I leave a set. So, to avoid commuting home via subway looking like a blue panda, I always carry a travel sized bottle (which seems to last forever) in my bag. Despite being the perfect product, Bioderma isn't widely used by consumers. It seems to be kept under lock and key by the fashion industry. Not any more!

So say good bye to those nasty make up wipes that don't even remove your eyeliner and those oily removers that get into your eyes, and try my favorite industry secret: Bioderma.



I was sixteen when I had my first ever job as a model.  A department store called Belk flew me to Savannah, Georgia (my mom came too!) to shoot their new Junior's catalogue. I'll always remember that job and what I learned on it. One of the tips that I still see at shoots is the use of clear mascara to shape (and in my case, tame) eyebrows. The makeup artist used Maybelline's Great Lash Clear Mascara on my lashes and on my brows. And they looked great while still feeling natural. You can purchase Great Lash in most drug stores, but just in case, here's a link to buy online below:



The aforementioned "snail under eyes" may seem a bit taboo to some Western consumers, but the practice has been popular for years in Korea. Although it sounds gross at first, the science behind snail secretion filtrate is there. It has the same basic ingredients (ie. glycolic acid, hyuloronic acid and proteoglycans) that are found in high end (read: expensive) face creams. As explained by Charlotte Cho on the Coveteur, these ingredients stimulate collagen and elastin production, which restore and revitalize your skin.

The best part? Unlike many of our lipstick and face products, supposedly no little creatures are harmed in the process. According to, a site that retails Korean snail products to the States, scientists collect what snails have already left behind.

Instead of applying a cream or mask before shooting, I've had makeup artists apply cool gel-like under eye patches to get rid of dark circles and puffiness before applying any makeup. Here are some that I've seen/used and recommend:

So there you have it. Products that are commonly used in the industry, and really work!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the guide.

Until next time xx



23 Signs Your Life is an Audrey Hepburn Movie

Ladies rejoice! We're basically all Holly/Sabrina/Princess Ann.


1. You're not exactly a morning person.

Whoever says they are is lying. 

2. And you're infinitely sorry for anybody who has tried to wake you up. it's not happening.

If the cat couldn't do it, neither can you buddy.

3. But when you do get up, you wish it had been earlier.

Because not all of us can look cute with toothpaste on our faces.

4. You're always running late.


5. Before you go out, you have such grandiose plans for the day.

The park! No wait! A museum! How about both and icecream?

6. But you have work/school/life obligations.

It happens to the best of us, Audrey.

7. Which means a week of people telling you what to do.

SHHH. I can be a prima ballerina if I want to.

8. Putting on fake smiles.

Yes. I would love to give an oral report on some white man who lived three centuries ago.

9. And the frequent, but oh so necessary, freakout. 


10. Not to mention getting hit on by random old men.

Excuse me. Just because I look single, does not mean I am.

11. When it's finally the weekend you're too tired to go out.

Trying to set the world record for longest yawn. #kthnxbai

12. But you have to. Because food.

Someone has been relying on Seamless a bit too much.

13. And you look too cute not to. ;)

At least better than Monday morning, am I right?

13. So you have all these great expectations.

14. Maybe you'll see a cute boy.

Maybe he'll even talk to you.

15. or go shopping.

16. Just don't wear those new shoes. and it will all be fine.

Just because they're cute, does not mean they're comfortable. AHEM. Louboutins. 

17. You may worry that you don't always fit in.

And you're not even sure what that really means.

18. but, As soon as you stop worrying about what other people think,

You're better than them anyway.

19. And embrace yourself for who you are.


20. A stubborn

It's not rude if you're right. 

21. Goofball

10 points for Gryffindor!

22. who would do anything for someone you love.

giphy (7).gif

Points if that someone is an animal instead of a human.

23. And that's when you really shine.

**Gifs from Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sabrina, Roman Holiday and Charade

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Masks, Masks, Masks

A spotlight on my favorite go to line - Tony Moly

The Tony Moly mask color spectrum.  Photo by Grace Corton.

The Tony Moly mask color spectrum. Photo by Grace Corton.

I was lucky to get into the Korean skin care craze early. I was 16, living in Japan, and I couldn't avoid the lure of colorfully packaged face masks for under a dollar on every convenience store shelf. After my first purchase, I was hooked. My normally dry skin immediately felt soft, hydrated and refreshed. I fell so in love with the masks that when it came time to return home, I stocked up and researched where I could purchase Korean skin care products in America. Unfortunately, the concept had not yet caught on stateside. 

Flash forward to 2016 and face mask sheets are all the rage. Korean company Tony Moly, despite only being founded 10 years ago, permeated the Western market. Now, large scale retailers such as Sephora, Ulta and Urban Outfitters keep a steady stock of their products and Americans are going crazy for them. And they really do work! I can't tell you how many times I've been on set and the makeup artist has used a Korean sheet mask to brighten my skin. 

The instructions as per the back of one of my packs.  Photo by Grace Corton.

The instructions as per the back of one of my packs. Photo by Grace Corton.

For anyone who has yet to try the phenomenon, Korean face masks entail rinsing your face and applying the paper like mask for approximately 30 minutes. It's that simple! As an extra tip, try placing the mask in your refrigerator before using it to make it extra cool and relaxing.

My personal favorite is the Rice Mask Sheet for Clear Skin, pictured below. Like all Tony Moly masks, it is formulated without Parabens, artificial colors, and all those big-word chemicals. Instead, it has ingredients like Mineral Oil, Rice Extract and Anise Extract. The three strong cotton layers keep it from falling apart or drying out during the treatment. The mask effectively clears up any problem areas(we all have breakouts!) and hydrates my skin to prevent further breakouts. If you have oily skin and are worried that using a hydrating Korean mask might compound the problem, adding moisture actually helps to calm down excess oil production. And, if you have sensitive skin or allergies like I do, these masks don't contain any harsh products, so you should be fine to give them a go! 

The key to having good skin is understanding that you are unique in your needs. The Rice Mask might be my favorite, but you have to pick what works for you! Here is a list of the full range:

  1. Broccoli-Vitality
  2. Avocado-Nutrition
  3. Lemon-Brightening
  4. Tomato-Radiance
  5. Pomegranate-Elasticity
  6. Red Wine-Pore Care(smells so good!)
  7. Rice-Clear Skin(all around favorite)
  8. Makgeolli-Skin Purifying(makes my skin so soft)
  9. Seaweed-Skin Purifying
  10. Aloe-Moisturizing
  11. Tee Tree-Skin Soothing(gets rid of any redness or irritation)

*favorites in bold

There's an obvious allure to a hassle free "facial" at home, but how do you know that you are getting your bang for your buck? I recommend going to Amazon where you can find a variety pack of 11 Tony Moly masks for $10. It's a nice trial so you can determine what works best. If, after this, you have one absolute favorite, you can purchase 2 packs on Sephora for $7.50.


Best wishes xx